The Chemistry Between an Empath and a Narcissist Is Powerful But Toxic


The relationship between an empath and a narcissist is perhaps the most toxic bond between two individuals.

On one hand are narcissists.

All of them share this one common trait. They are emotionally hurt. The behavior of a narcissist derives from struggling with an emotional trauma usually experienced through their childhood. Behind the cover of a pretty selfish individual, lies a heart which has been through a lot of pain and emotionally difficult moments. That is why the narcissist is in need of constant validation from others. These people want others to praise them by telling them they are incredible and amazing. And no better person than an empath could do this.

On the other side of the coin are empaths.

The empaths play the role of a healer. They can easily understand the pain of others and are always ready to protect and help. An empath can feel and understand other people’s traumas and often takes it on as if it was their own. That is why an empath should set boundaries and protect themselves since they could quite quickly connect with a narcissist who they would try to fix. They would want to repair any damage and attempt to heal all of the narcissist’s emotional injuries.

So, when these two antipodes meet the chemistry is powerful but poisonous.

And If an empath and a narcissist start a relationship, this relationship could turn into a dangerous cycle with negative consequences for the empath. Since, the more affection and love the empath gives, the more control the narcissist would want to impose on them. That could quickly make the empath a victim.

The truth is that an empath cannot see the narcissist’s true colors.

Unfortunately, a narcissistic person would absorb the energy from everyone they interact with. That is their way to feel happy. They are toxic because they need to make others fragile to boost their ego. For an empath, such a person can be very complicated to deal with. An empath might not even realize they are meeting a narcissist. Their delicate character makes them see only the good in people.

Narcissists need to be in complete control

They want to impose their influence on others so that they could prove to themselves how worthy they are. An empath’s attitude, on the opposite, is to love, care, and heal. They tend always to put themselves into other people’s shoes. And feel their emotions, understand their opinions, and problems which makes it easy for a narcissist to manipulate an empath. For these are two opposite characters, they could never find a balance. The empath could soon become upset and feel like a victim. That, however, could give a narcissist some sense of self-worth. Because the more unhappy the empath is, the happier the narcissist feels.

An empath needs to realize who they are dealing with

At this point, the empath who is feeling hurt would try to find a validation about the love and affection of the narcissist, failing to realize that the problem is coming from the narcissist in fact. That is a very tricky moment since the empath could be seriously hurt and traumatized by the narcissist’s actions, and everyone who is deeply hurt is vulnerable to become a narcissist themselves. When a narcissist understands that they have hurt the empath, they could try to keep the empath feeling down. The logic is simple. The more vulnerable an empath becomes, the more appreciated a narcissist would think they are. That would help affirm to themselves what they hopelessly desire – to feel worthy.

So, how could an empath protect themselves?

Any effort to talk with the narcissist might be useless as they will surely not be looking to ease and help anyone else. On the top of that, they are very charming which makes it easy for them to manipulate others. A part of their manipulative behavior to blame empaths for their own struggling, as well as for the empaths’ pain, which they’ve provoked.

Here is a crucial moment for the empath – to stay in this relationship and play the role of a victim or to cut the cord and leave

The first step for the empath is to accept the fact that the narcissist will never change and they shouldn’t be wasting precious time in false expectations. In the end, all that matters is the following. We let others treat us as we think we deserve to be treated. If an empath chooses voluntarily to continue this toxic relationship with a narcissist –it means they deserve to bear the consequences from it.

Empaths need to realize that it is not their responsibility to make others feel complete.

Especially those who would only feel so when damaging them. Empaths should realize that the behavior narcissists have toward them is terrible and they should stop it in one way or another. They have to find the courage to end this relationship and find a suitable partner. They need to accept the harsh truth. It is impossible to maintain a healthy relationship with a person with a narcissistic personality. A narcissist’s heart is closed. An empath’s soul is open to others. And when two such individuals interact with each other, the empath ends up wounded.


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