After Reading Anti-Vax Posts, Mom Waits To Vaccinate Child—Now She Shares A Warning And Her Regrets


Though scientific advancements have been widely useful and often life-saving for humans as a species, there are still those who refuse to believe it or even actively fight against science.

There are too many flat-earthers. Too many who reject evolution.

And—most urgently—too many parents who think vaccinating their kids is going to give them autism or otherwise hurt them.

Jessica Boren learned this the way no parent should have to and now, she’s telling other parents her story.

Boren expresses immense regret at her decision to space her son’s vaccinations out, fearing that the vaccinations given simultaneously would be harmful. To her horror, the opposite proved to be true.

The heartbreaking video shows Boren’s son hacking and coughing through tears.

Whooping Cough, often thought to be obsolete, has seen a disturbing resurgence since the anti-vaccination movement gained prominence. There are now between 10,000 and 50,000 cases reported in the United States per year.

Some cases occurring in infants have resulted in death.

This isn’t just true for Whooping Cough. Other diseases like measles, mumps, and chicken pox made a comeback thanks to parents using whatever fad celebrities endorse to determine their child’s medical decisions.



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